The dangerous act of walking outside

Look at how far they have pushed us in an incredibly short period of time, through irrational fear; to the point that it is a dangerous act of protest to simply walk outside.

Well, that is what is going to happen eventually if governments continue to impose “medical martial law”; banning protest, banning expression, banning freedom of assembly , all in one fell swoop. There will inevitably be a civil disobedience “walkout movement” in which people just….go outside.

Yes, ok, you can say such an act would be selfish; say that it is fine if these people don’t mind risking being infected by #coronavirus, but they have no right to put others in danger of having the virus transmitted to them. OK, simple solution: If you are afraid of infection, if you are from a vulnerable group…stay home, and let the rest of the population claim their freedom and basic rights.

Why don’t we just voluntarily divide ourselves between “Outsiders” and “Insiders”?

If the government is concerned about hospital capacity, then maybe use the apparently billions of dollars they have lying around to improve the healthcare sector, build or buy ventilators, etc; you know, actually spend money to care for people instead of acting like putting the population under house arrest is a solution in the 21st Century. If they had not put whole countries under lockdown, they would not have to dole out relief money to companies and workers (not that workers are going to receive any meaningful support).

But, that approach would not enable the massive transfer of public funds to the private sector, and it would not habituate the population to severe repression.


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