Capitalist conspiracy


(To be published in Arabic for Arabi21)

The Rockefellers apparently created the Zika virus.  

Depending on who you ask, the Rothschilds or possibly the Rokefellers, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Trilateral Commission, or the Elders of Zion, control the world.

Maybe the New World Order government is like the EU with a rotating chairperson.  This month it is a Rothschild, next month a Rockefeller, and an Elder of Zion over the Summer break.

They coordinate wars, control currency values, invent viruses and unleash pandemics, like the Zika virus, to regulate global population growth.  They are, basically, a comic book-style League of Evil.  Nat Rothschild, no doubt, is somewhere right now stroking a white cat on his lap and presiding over a human sacrifice in a subterranean lair deep below the streets of London.

All of this, of course, is obvious nonsense. So why are so many of us predisposed to believe it?

This, to me, says a great deal about the tremendous extent to which the masses have been marginalized, de-politicized, and misinformed about the real mechanisms of policymaking; and, of course, when we are in such a state of ignorance, the extreme, and very real, high concentration of wealth and power among a tiny segment of the population, gives rise to fanciful conspiracy theories.

Because we do not understand how power works, and we are so utterly excluded from policymaking, we concoct simplistic explanations about shadowy cabals of satanic rich people secretly running the affairs of the world.

This explanation reinforces our powerlessness and relieves us of the obligation to study the actual systems of control so that we might confront them in real life.

Do the rich control the world?  Of course they do.

Do they dominate policymaking to protect and consolidate their interests?  Obviously. This much is transparent, and there is nothing conspiratorial about it.

Do they interact with each other and discuss economic and political agendas?  It would be very strange if they did not.

Are they a monolithic, organized committee ruling the globe by diktat like master puppeteers?  Not at all.

Do they invent viruses like Zika to cull poorer populations in Africa and Latin America?  That’s not how it works.

Disease and pandemics happen because the system of greed and pursuit of private wealth and power with no regard for public welfare creates conditions in society that lead to health risks.

When you have poor infrastructure, lack of access to clean water, education and health care; all resulting from neoliberal policies that force governments to prioritize debt repayment over public spending; you have disease.

When you have crippled the ability of a state to protect the interests of the population, and subordinated that state to its creditors and investors, when your economic policies create conditions identical to the conditions of a county ravaged by war, you do not need to invent viruses.

If there is a conspiracy here, then the system itself is the conspiracy.

The individuals at the top of the pyramid of economic power have simply learned, accepted, and followed the internal logic of this system better, and more ruthlessly, than anyone else.

But you mustn’t think that this system exists because they have some sort of mystical, unstoppable power.  This system exists for one reason, and one reason alone; because we ourselves allow it.


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