Find the reasons in the predictable results

The US has started another aggressive military campaign in the Muslim world; airstrikes against Syria and Iraq with no defined end.

As usual, we can immediately dispense with the stated rationale for the attacks, particularly the glaringly hypocritical moral indignation; and we can know the genuine reasons by considering the predictable results.

One of the reasons is already being achieved, as ISIS has seen a dramatic increase in enlistment.  Another reason is also being achieved, the flooding of Turkey and Syria’s other neighbors with yet more refugees.  Among other factors, these two objectives serve to enable the US to achieve the basic aim that underlies all its military invasions : to cause and prolong disruption and chaos as long as needed until the state of economic and political ruin is irreversible, and resistance to domination is impossible.

The US response to the 9/11 attacks in 2001 successfully expanded the Al-Qaida franchise into places it had never existed.  It even led to the creation of new, more brutal competitors dedicated to achieving a vision of an Islamic state never really imagined by any Islamic scholars other than Islamohphobic neo-Orientalists like Daniel Pipes.

So yes; we know what results we can expect.  They are the results we have been getting thus far.  The mushrooming of ISIS into any other region the US desires to devastate; and the further destabilization of the region, particularly Turkey.

Power has nothing to fear from extremists; it subsidizes and promotes them.  Power benefits from them, and profits from their activities.

Authentic Islam, not Islam as defined by non-Muslims,  is the only ideology, the only belief system, the only lifestyle, that poses any challenge against the worship of the ruling class, against rabid materialism, and against the reigning order of the corporate elite.  It is the only hope for overcoming the inhuman global order that is bent on enslaving 99% of the population for the obscene private profit of  the top 1%.It is the only way to liberate society from the worship of the super rich and their neoliberal capitalist orthodoxy.


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