Army Divestment

It would be a far more useful demand of the opposition in Egypt to demand the divestment of the military from the economy than to call for an end to the regime of El-Sisi.

If the army relinquished its stake in the private economy, and sufficed itself on State military funding, it would immediately mean an end to the Coup; while without such divestment, there is no foreseeable scenario in which the army would ever accept an independent civilian government.

Calling for the divestment of the army from the economy is also not something global corporate power is likely to oppose.

There is no question that, while under the corporate imperial system, Sisi is not so much a dictator as he is someone who takes dictation; however, the character of his regime,  clearly is impacting the religious life of the Mu’mineen in Egypt.  Whatever latent hostility there has been among the Munafiqeen and secularists, it is now free to publicly manifest itself on the streets against our sisters and families.

Even if the overall policies being imposed on Egypt by the global power structure will not be changed by ending the Coup, at least the boldness of the wicked will be restricted in public life, insha’Allah.


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