Dissolving the state is not the same as independence

I would really like to know what is the strategic logic of this? Is it supposed to inspire others to “rise up” against the regime with homemade bombs? Or is it possible that they believe this action by itself damages the regime?

Understand that whatever you do to weaken the state, it only accelerates the process of conquest. Neoliberalism is all about dissolving the state. Under the imperial system the state has only 2 prime functions. First, to subsidize corporate profit-making enterprises with public money; and second, to terrorize the population and keep them as excluded as possible from participating within the power structure. When you target the limbs of the state, you do nothing against power; you only provide the rationale for sweeping repressive measures which power wants to see imposed anyway.

Do not confuse the regime with the power structure. Sisi is simply fulfilling his institutional role within what is essentially an imperial system. He does not control policy, and probably does not even understand the policies it is his job to impose. The maximum that can be achieved by the sort of action we saw today in Cairo, is possibly, after a great deal of blood and destruction, the power structure will opt to replace Sisi with someone more capable of imposing order


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