Preemptive Counter-Revolution

French farmers protested in Brittany last night against taxation, bureaucracy, and the drop in vegetable prices. They set fire to the MSA agricultural mutual insurance building, and torched the local tax office.  And they prevented firefighters from intervening.

If you are wondering about the increasing militarization of the police in the West, that is to say, their transformation into Third World-style security services, the reason is simple: Disparity.

The US understood many years ago, in the early days of what is called Globalization, that the trajectory of this program would lead to massive social unrest within victimized countries where the Neoliberal policies are being imposed.

As those policies are being imposed more and more within Western countries, the tendency for resistance is even greater because the people are not accustomed to the same kinds of economically brutal programs which the developing world has been suffering for decades. This is one of the underlying reasons, if not the primary one, for the Global War on Terror; to establish a pretext for repression under the banner of security.

The militarization, the surveillance, the suspension of civil liberties; none of it has to do with terror.  It has to do with quelling popular dissent.  It has to do with preemptive counter-revolution


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