Un-Capitalist Capitalism

Anti-Globalization is an inaccurate term, because Globalization is an inaccurate term. Anti-Capitalist is not accurate either because Neoliberalism is not really Capitalism; it’s an extreme mutation creating enslaved markets, rather than free markets.

The pyramid economy has become an obelisk, in which a tiny number of billionaires own approximately twice the total value of currency in circulation on the Earth.

This obscene level of disparity has not been achieved by free market principles.  It is being achieved by radical regulation of vulnerable markets to favor huge multinational corporations and their shareholders.

We call it deregulation because it apparently removes the state from control of the economy; but that abdication of control is essentially a deliberate regulation officially conferring power to multinationals. The state is regulating against its own population, against its small businesses and its workers. That is not free market capitalism.  It is highly discriminatory and undermining to the principles of a competitive market.


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