the Neo–Democratic Revolution

If we are interested in achieving policies that reflect our values and preserve our interests and welfare, the priority must be to develop ways of imposing accountability on private power.

Here we are talking about private power that transcends borders and nationalities, and which does not operate according to nationalistic loyalties.  We are talking about huge corporations and financial institutions, and those who own them. Their power dwarfs national governments, including western governments.

Al-Hamdulillah, this new power paradigm allows us greater opportunity than ever to deal directly with those who rule our societies, and to achieve positive reforms.

We just have reconcile ourselves with the reality that power will never cede to any demand just because it is demanded, but it will certainly cede to any demand which could bring intolerable consequences if it is refused.

In the traditional, and deceptive, democratic model, the maximum consequence a politician can suffer for refusing the demands of his constituency is merely to be voted out of office.  This leaves the population with almost no persuasive power whatsoever.

When we re-direct our mobilization towards private power, the consequences we can impose are far greater and more numerous.  This is particularly true due to the incredibly high concentration of control and ownership over a vast web of interconnected interests, any of which can be targeted to leverage power in our favor.

Call it Neo-Democratic Revolution




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