Surgery and Psychos

Let me try to describe the energy crisis in Egypt through a metaphor…Surgery and Psychos

Imagine if you had to have some kind of surgery, but the doctor didn’t want to be paid with money and instead wanted to extract some of your organs during surgery to sell on the Black Market.

You say, “no,sorry, I need my organs.  Can’t I just pay you cash?”

He says, “OK fine.  But I am going to have to charge you according to the price for which I could have sold your organs on the open market…OR…You can let me take and sell the organs you have, and you can buy new organs from a friend of mine, at normal market prices of course, fair is fair after all.”

“How did your friend get the organs, may I ask?”

“Well, he is a bit of a psycho”

“So I selling you my organs to pay for the surgery, so you can sell them on the Black Market, and I will be replacing my sold organs by buying the organs of people killed by your psychotic friend?”

“Basically, yeah.  But, you are still going to have to pay for the surgery equipment in cash.  I suggest you get a loan.”

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