You can’t VOTE corporate power out

The globalization of capital has enabled massive corporations, which are among the largest economic entities in the world, to exert their influence over weaker entities, states that have less economic power, to essentially establish their rule over national governments.

Democracy, sovereignty, independence, all become meaningless in this scenario, and what exists is not different from imperialism, except that the control is far beyond any level of domination ever achieved by any imperial power in history.

The solution is not, and cannot be, to struggle for a democratically elected and representative national government, because that government will still not have sovereignty, will still not have independence, and will still be overpowered by multinational corporate and institutional private power.

You cannot vote the corporations out of power, they are unelected, and are not subject to democratic processes, rather, democratic processes are subverted for their sake.

What needs to happen is the democratization of corporate power, and that can only happen by developing mechanisms for imposing consequences to their profitability, operational efficiency, and the value of their share prices.

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